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Seasonal Rates

Green Acre Park - RV Park

OPEN: March 1 - December 31

Seasonal Rates

On October 1, we invite our campers in good standing to renew their site for the upcoming season - November 1, 2018 to October 31, 2019. This represents a 12-month commitment between the Park and you. Site fees must be paid between May 1 to October 31 and storage between January 1 and March 1 during park closure. Remaining months (Mar, Apr, Nov, Dec) are paid as per use - with storage (not used) or site fees (trailer is used). 

Seasonal Site Renewal/New Customer Package 

2018 Rates

Part-Time Recreational Use - 12 Month Term
(Holidays & Weekends - Up to 90 days use between May and October)

May 1 to October 31 Site Use ($3300) + November 1 to April 30 storage ($430)  $3730 + HST

Refundable security deposit as per contract.


Full-Time Recreational Use - 12 Month Term
(Continuous use to a max. 10 months to min. 6 months)

Site Use Storage Total Price
6 months May 1 to October 31 ($3780) Nov 1 to April 30 ($420) $4200.00 + HST

Off season use invoiced in 2-week increments @ $315 / 2-weeks

Refundable Security Deposit as per contract.


Payment Installments for 2018

Due Date Deposit Amount
October 1, 2017

$600 + Campsite contract signed


December 1, 2017


Refundable to May 1

March 1, 2018


Refundable to May 1

April 1, 2018 $600
Refundable to May 1
May 1, 2018 Balance due - see your individual invoice


ALL payments EXCEPT the OCTOBER 1, 2017 are refundable up to May 1, 2017.

Online payment and cheques are the only form of payment accepted.

  • Hydro will be billed separately - invoiced 3 times per year: May 1, August 1, October 31. 
  • MPAC tax on applicable trailers,  due on May 1 each year. 
  • Park is closed January & February 
  • When leaving for a storage period, please remit storage for the expected length of absence PLUS your first-month site's rental
  • The Camper shall not use the Campsite as a principal, permanent, year-round or full-time residence and shall vacate the unit for a minimum of sixty (60) consecutive days annually between October 31st and the following April 30th.

Green Acre Park will be closed from January 1, 2019 to March 1, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Recreational Park:

Can I live a Green Acre Park?   Answer...

No. Green Acre Park does not have year-round living as it is not zoned residential. Our park is zoned for recreational use only. No one can live at the Park and cannot use it as a permanent residence. Trailers in Green Acre Park are not built to a Residential Building Code.


Can I pay my site fees monthly?   Answer...

No. There is a one-time seasonal fee that is due May 1. Four instalments are to be made in the winter, with the balance due May 1.


Is there school bus pick up for kids?   Answer...

No. Since the Park is not zoned residential it does not qualify for bus transportation. Since our park is seasonal recreation and cannot be your permanent residence, kids are not allowed to use school bus services.


Are you open all year?   Answer...

No, we close January and February every year with no vehicle or pedestrian access to trailers during this time. Only selected sites can be used beyond our regular May to October Season.


Is there a chance a 6-month site will ever become a 10-month site?   Answer...

No, the length of time available on each site is determined by water and sewer lines and how deep they are in the ground.


Can I just do 1 contract when I start to camp?   Answer...

No. You will need to update and sign a new contract every year and will only be granted access to the park for the following year if you have done so and have followed our Park rules.


As I only use my 10-month seasonal site for 6 months, can I rent it out for the remaining 4 months or allow family to use it?   Answer...

No. The Park does not allow subletting of any kind on any sites. We do not allow sharing of sites.


Is my trailer charged Taxes?   Answer...

Yes. Campers are charged the amount specified by MPAC for the size of their trailer. Campers do not pay property taxes, but a "Large Trailer Fee" on their annual site fees invoice.


Can I bring a trailer older than 20 years into the park?   Answer...

No. New park models are encouraged and no trailers older than 20 years may be moved into the park. Refer to Buyer's Guide for Approved Dealers.


Is WiFi included in my site fees?   Answer...

No. WiFi is only available Free to overnight campers.


Can I use Rogers or Bell for my internet?   Answer...

Currently, Rogers and Bell are not available. Waterloo Wireless/Megawire has Wifi to the park. You can contact them at 519-648-9993.


What other services will I need to arrange and pay for?   Answer...

You will need to arrange propane, phone and internet.


How do I pay for hydro to my trailer?   Answer...

The park is responsible for the hydro infrastructure in the park and reads the meters at each trailer May 1, August 1 and November 1 and sends you a separate bill each time.


Can I stay on a site in the winter that does not have hydro or water?   Answer...

No. When water is shut off for the site, campers are not to be on the site.


Can I extend my stay longer than the 6 months, if I am on a 6-month site?   Answer...

No. You are welcome to rent one of our rental trailers for your off-season needs or book an overnight campsite that has extended season use.


Can any site in the park become a 10-month site?   Answer...

No. Only certain areas have the capability for water and sewer for the colder months.


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